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About Remry Designing Co.Ltd

Remey Designing Co.Ltd focuses on providing services of symbol design, logo design, visual identity design, brand design, product marking design, etc. Our designing team understand the importance of market-orientation in designing process profoundly. We will analyze the special characteristics of every case and every customer's requests carefully and individually so as to have our designing work best repressent the images of the products or enterprises ,and maximize the added value of the brand.
China Logo Design Corporation
A good logo would reflect the cultural atmosphere of a enterprise, so it usually need to be highly attractive, simple, lusid,easily-identified,easily-memorized,and understandable. A good enterprise logo could also fully reveal the spirit of an enterprise, and usually result in a powerful driving force for a company's brand. And we Remry are completely confident to provide such high-quality logo designing works. China Logo Design Corporation

We Remry team has been taking it a great honor to serve every customer that comes to us with our professional knowledge and skills. We are endeavering to help all the companies to establish successful international brands and enterprise identities.
China Logo Design Corporation

What we could serve you?

¢Ù Logo design,graphics design,Brand design,trademark design.
¢Ú Brand packing, Visual Identity design, such as name card, envelop, billboard, on the stage image building,etc. China Logo Design Corporation

The logo design and the VI design are our core services,
"With devotion and focus, we could do our jobs better."

¡¡ ¢Ù China's top Design Corporation which is 100% dedicated to international trade brand designing & VI designing
¢Ú Molding international brands with unique characteristics is deeply rooted in our hearts;
¢Û With international working team, every program will be completed by 3-6 experienced designers;
¢Ü Humanized draft reviewing and checking system will bring you a fantastic experience of convenient communication and high efficiency.
¢Ý Different from our competitors in the high -level market, our reasonable prices is very favorable for you . China Logo Design Corporation
¢Þ 100% satisfaction guaranteed or refundment, our greatest confidence.

Why chose us?

For your most special and characteristic logo or tradetrademark design, which will impress consumers best and enable them to remember your brands and products.
China Remry designing corp.ltd enjoys great reputation and develops a school of its own in the logo designing circles around china with its special and characteristic designing works. Its just the prominent brand design logos and methods that endows us such popular attraction. China Logo Design Corporation


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China¡¯s top logo designing agency

Brilliant Works, serve the world
Expert of Logo Design
Devotion help us serve you better

Remry is China's only 100% dedicated Professional graphics Design Corporation, serving top designing works for clients from both China and all around the world.


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10 targets to reach for creativity Logo design

¢Ù£¬Simpleness and vividness
¢Ú£¬Strong visual impression and art feeling
¢Û£¬Novelty , uniqueness , Attraction , Identification
¢Ü£¬High generalization of the brand meaning
¢Ý£¬Coincidence to the industry characteristics
¢Þ£¬Modern sense
¢ß£¬Conformance with the trend of the times
¢à£¬A strong sense of future
¢á£¬A strong feeling of trust and depending
¢â,  Good Apptency
China Logo Design Corporation
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